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Architectural Carving with Alexander Grabovetskiy

June 3 @ 8:00 am - June 7 @ 5:00 pm

Austin School of Furniture Woodcarving class in person

Explore the World of Wood Carving with Alexander Grabovetskiy!

Discover the Stories Hidden in Wood: Each piece of wood has a tale to tell. Start with a vision, imagine in 3D, and learn to carve using sharp tools with purpose.

Join the Creative Journey: Are you ready to dive into the timeless art of wood carving? Let’s get started!

Here’s what Alexander Grabovetskiy will teach you:

  1. Classical Design Basics: Travel back in time to explore ancient design secrets. Learn to create detailed designs perfect for carving.
  2. Thinking in 3D: Before carving, visualize your designs in three dimensions. Alexander will show you how.
  3. Safe Tool Techniques: Safety matters! Discover the right way to use carving tools for efficient and safe carving sessions.
  4. Taming Wood Grain: Wood grain can be tricky! Learn to understand and work with it for better, more detailed carvings.
  5. Carving Any Design: Whether it’s furniture, ornaments, or architecture, Alexander will guide you through carving classical designs.
  6. Tool Sharpening: Keep your tools sharp! Learn quick methods to sharpen your carving tools for constant inspiration.
  7. Expert Tips: Alexander will share secrets to take your carvings from good to amazing.

Join us on this thrilling journey and create stunning woodwork with Alexander Grabovetskiy!

Learning Goals:

  1. Classical design basics for carving
  2. 3D visualization for carving
  3. Safe and efficient tool use
  4. Understanding and using wood grain
  5. Carving various designs
  6. Tool sharpening techniques
  7. Expert carving tips and tricks



Sam Beauford Woodshop
1375 N. Main St, Building 41,
Adrian, MI 49221 United States
(517) 759-3070
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Sam Beauford Woodshop
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