Wood Carving with Alexander Grabovetskiy

International Woodcarvers Congress by Affiliated Wood Carvers, Ltd

Explore Wood Carving with Alexander Grabovetskiy! Uncover Wood’s Stories: Each wood piece has a tale. Begin with a vision, imagine in 3D, and carve with sharp, purposeful tools. Embark on the Creative Path: Ready for the timeless art of wood carving? Let’s start! Here’s what Alexander Grabovetskiy offers: Classical Design Fundamentals: Explore ancient design secrets, […]

Low Relief Carving for Furniture makers with Alexander Grabovetskiy

Marc Adams School of Woodworking 5504 E 500 N, Franklin, IN, United States

Low relief Carving for furniture, also known as the Flemish or Liège style was very popular from the 16th to the 19th century in Belgium-French culture. It also migrated to England and was incorporated by Great Furniture makers such as Thomas Chippendale. In this Class we will discover the beauty and beauty and richness of low […]


Carving with a Classical Flair – Marc Adams School of Woodworking 2024

Marc Adams School of Woodworking 5504 E 500 N, Franklin, IN, United States

This week presents an opportunity to engage in woodcarving under the guidance of one of the world's premier carvers, Alexander. The class kicks off with Alexander demonstrating the most efficient and quickest methods to sharpen woodcarving tools. Participants delve into a woodcarving project, applying carving tools to outline and define their design's intricate lines. Alexander […]

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